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Sunday September 20 2020

All Day Event


James 3:18


New American Standard Version

And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.


Pastor’s Paraphrase

          Those who are filled with this godly wisdom are peacemakers who plant seeds of harmony and unity wherever they go and they reap a great harvest of righteousness to the glory of the Lord.


 “How does this help me become more like Him?”

          In the fall of 1968, I was a freshman student at what was then Houston Baptist College.  Though       the school was only a few years old at that time, some traditions had already developed.  One of them was that freshmen had to wear “beanies” – like baseball caps with a very short bill.  This identified us as targets for some good natured harassment by the upperclassmen.  This orientation period went on for several weeks and was concluded by another tradition – the “tug of war” between the freshmen and the upper classmen.

          The two groups were on opposing ends of a giant rope and the object was to pull your opponents into the mud pit in the middle and claim victory by doing so.  Up until that point (and I believe still to this day), the freshmen had never won.  They were always pulled into the mud, and the humiliation, by the upperclassmen – even though there were slightly fewer of the upperclassmen that there were of us.   We were sure we could beat them.  We outnumbered them slightly but we were also convinced we were stronger and more determined.

          As the epic battle began, we seemed to make some progress almost right away.  This gave us courage and confidence that we would pull these sophomores, juniors, and seniors into the mud pit where they belonged.  But after just a few moments, we felt ourselves sliding toward the middle and the slimy goop of defeat.  This caused us to yell frantically at one another to pull harder and harder to overcome our foes.  Trying as hard as we might, we could not stop the progress of our opponents and, in just a few moments, we found ourselves pulled into the mud.  We couldn’t believe they had done it and we were baffled as to how they had been successful.

          It was sometime later that I learned that the upperclassmen had a secret that they had passed down year after year.  Once the pulling started, someone on their team was quietly counting, “1, 2, 3”!  Each time the team heard “3”, they would pull together as hard as they could for just a couple of seconds.  Then they would relax slightly waiting to hear “3” again.  The synergy of all of the team members pulling together generated a momentum that could not be overcome.  It was their key to certain victory!

          The spirit controlled believer is one who is able to get his fellow Christians all pulling together in the same direction at the same time.  He doesn’t care if the crowd “hears him counting” or not – he just wants the Lord’s team to be unified and victorious in all that the Master gives them to do.  He takes delight in facilitating harmony, peace, and a spirit of unity and common purpose among God’s people.  He not only refuses to participate in anything that brings dissension or disharmony, he works diligently to bring God’s wisdom to every situation to defuse whatever tension that threatens the work of the Lord.  He is a peacemaker.  In the Beatitudes, Jesus calls him “blessed” and in the church, he is a blessing!


“How should I pray for Him to change my life?”

Ask the Lord to fill you with the godly wisdom that brings peace, unity, and harmony to every situation.  Pray that you would understand what is needed in every situation to ease the times of tension and help people to find the common ground that allows God’s work to go forward.  Determine to allow the Lord to help you to be a peacemaker wherever it is needed.


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