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Monday December 17 2018

All Day Event
Daily Devotional


1 John 5:16


New American Standard Version

If anyone sees his brother committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask and God will for him give life to those who commit sin not leading to death. There is a sin leading to death; I do not say that he should make request for this.


Pastor’s Paraphrase

          If you see a Christian brother committing a sin – and I am not talking about the sin that leads to spiritual death, the rejection of Christ as Savior – you should pray for that brother for God to give life to him. God will hear such prayers and pour life upon the errant brother.


“How does this help me become more like Him?”

          I am truly looking forward to our family Christmas gathering.  Actually, it is a post-Christmas gathering because in our family scheduling, our children and grandchildren spend Christmas with the “in-law” grandparents and then they all converge on our home a few days after Christmas.  These precious few days are one of the few times each year that we are all together.  There are thirty one of us when everyone is present!  Our home turns into a “bee hive” of activity with our many grandchildren all enjoying the time when the full “Cousin’s Club” can be in one place.

          During these days, the young ones are everywhere!  From the playground to the trampoline, to our double driveway, which turns into an “Indy 500” of tricycles, bicycles, big wheels, and other assorted vehicles, to the treehouse in the woods – the kids are all over!  Every now and then, we just have to go around and count noses and make sure all these little VIPs are present and accounted for.  It hasn’t happened but if on one of these counts, we were to come up one short and we could not find the missing child – you can be assured all of us would begin frantically searching and would not stop until that child was located and back in the safety of the family.  Why?  Because no matter how many children in the family there may be, each one is unique, special, and precious to us.

          So it is in the Family of God.  Sometimes, children in the family wander away from their brothers and sisters in disobedience to their Father.  They do not cease to be a family member but they remove themselves from the safety, influence, and fellowship of the family of believers.  When this happens, they should become the object of our attention, concern, prayer, and efforts toward reconciliation and restoration.  While it is true that sometimes these grown children walk away and refuse our efforts to bring them back to home, truth, and family, that does not absolve us of the responsibility to reach out to them through whatever means they will allow – the most important of which is prayer.  We must do no less – they are our family!


How should I pray for Him to change my life?

Pray today for someone in your spiritual family who has walked away from involvement in the fellowship.  Ask the Lord to touch whatever pain or confusion that brought this about and restore to them a hunger in their heart to be with their brothers and sisters in the Lord once again.  Ask Him to tell you if there is something you could and should do to reach out to them in redemptive love.














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